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Mead Square Pharmacy


At Mead Square Pharmacy in Victor, New York, we provide immunizations for you and your family in the comfort of private immunization rooms in our pharmacy. You may request an appointment by phone or you may come in during our weekly walk-in clinic.

The Zostavax® vaccine for shingles is available anything during our hours of operation.  Stop in or call us to set up an appointment.

Our goal at Mead Square Pharmacy is to become your primary source for vaccine information, education and administration. Our immunizing pharmacists have completed a special training program and are certified by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) to administer a variety of immunizations right in our store.

Some immunizations may be billed to Medicare or your insurance plan, although your cost for a vaccine can vary based on your insurance plan and where you receive it. For example, you might have to pay full price at your doctor’s office, but not at Mead Square Pharmacy. We are able to obtain and stock vaccines when others cannot, which makes it more affordable for us to offer certain immunizations. Give us a call at (585) 924-7970 and let us figure it out for you. We will be happy to let you know if your vaccines are covered by your plan or what your payment will be.

We have seasonal influenza and pneumonia vaccines. Current flu vaccines now include protection against the H1N1 (swine flu) strain of the virus.

If you have Medicare Part B and are not a member of an HMO, your flu and pneumonia shots will be free if you present your Medicare card at the time of your shot.

Want to schedule an immunization appointment? Call us at (585) 924-7970.

The following immunizations are now available at Mead Square Pharmacy:

Recommended for adults 50 years of age and older and for anyone seeking protection from the flu.
For information on Influenza (Flu) visit

Pneumococcal (Pneumonia)
Recommended for adults over 65 years of age.
For Information on  Pneumococcal (Pneumonia) visit

Shingles (Herpes Zoster)
Recommended for adults over 60 years of age.
For more information visit or call 1-888-874-4645

For tips to minimize getting the flu and other infectious disease click here.

Your pharmacist can help you determine which immunizations you and your family might need.